Editor: Fred Moore

(Records that deserve a 2nd look--it's never too late for good music)

Terence Boylan..."Suzy" ... Asylum...
Imagine if you could have a band whose members came from Steely Dan, The Eagles, Derek and the Dominoes, Steve Stills Manassis, Poco, The Doobie Brothers, The Crusaders and The Section! Holy modal, what a session. Terence Boylan's last album "Suzy," featured players from this proud heritage of bands, and yet, somehow, you didn't respond. I'm unquestionably biased toward Terence because his 1st album was one of the most requested, most played, most sold records I worked in my radio twilight. The record was unanimously received by our album radio audience, and converted in every category. Terence Boylan has my unqualified support as one of the most superlative mass appeal singer songwriters to surface in the last 3 years. I place Terence in the stature of Jackson Browne and Warren Zevon, and he reflects the same outstanding character, charisma, personality, sensitivity and savy as both artists. I'm outta control about all of Terences' "Suzy" but must display some self discipline in the hopes of getting your attention. "College Life," "Roll Your Own," and "Dump It In the River" rise out of side one like a rose in the cool morning sun. All of side two is as smooth as a freshly flooded hockey rink, but we'll single out the first 3 songs for salvation. Play these tracks uncritically for a friend or a staff announcer or your PD or your lover, without coloring the outcome, and test Terence again, for the sake of FEEDBACK. I sit here scratching my stereo skull wondering why in the wow and flutter this album got by radio. Whatever the wherefores, unless you're chained to the saw 24 hours a day, I urge you to try, try, Terence again.